"Sleepy Hollow" One-of-a-Kind EHAG piece 09/30/2010

Hello All!
It's that time again....the last day of the month....
Time for an EHag One-of-a-Kind!
This month I am featuring a very special piece to me. It combines my Love for Halloween with my Love for Antique Toys....
"Sleepy Hollow"
This headless horseman has a jack-o-lantern head made from antique velvet, rich in color. His face is hand stitched. He has a wire armature body with clay hands and witchy boots and all of his clothes are made from antique textiles.
I especially LOVE his cloak. It is a piece of antique doll clothing...black oil cloth on the outside and lined with a tiny black gingham on the inside...the piece was designed to fit this cloak perfectly.
This antique toy horse was a perfect find for this piece! He measures 15" tall and 14" long. He isn't perfect by any means....that's what makes him so divine for this Halloween piece! I just love his look...
The horse has a rein of antiqued bronze chain and the headless horseman carries a wooden and tin lantern that is sized just right for him.
Here's a close up of the "witchy" boots and the lining of the cloak.
Should you wish to purchase "Sleepy Hollow", he is $265 (plus shipping)
Please email me at cathy@cheswickcompany.com or send me a facebook message.
 He will be sold first come first serve at 9pm est.....
It's a Sleepy Hollow kind of day here in Connecticut~ how Appropriate!!
Many thanks~ Cathy

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Cathy~ The Cheswick Company  09/30/2010 
Thanks so Much Theresa!

Theresa Meloon  09/30/2010 
As always your work is AMAZING Cathy!!!! He truly is a master piece. :0) 

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