~January Offerings~ 01/02/2011

Happy New Year!


I hope this letter finds everyone well and ready to create in 2011!


I have lots of plans for this year and I hope that I can complete every idea on the list.

First, I have added basic crafting supplies on my website to make creating even easier. You can remove the hassle of going to get supplies and get it shipped to your door. And, as last year, all orders ship for $5!

I have also added a line of dresden angel wings and trimmings for sale on my website. These are the wings, etc. that I use in patterns I have already created and for 2011 patterns to come.

As many of you know, I started the series of Alice in Wonderland ornaments and kits last June. Originally, this was to be a series of 6...However, due to popular demand, I have made it a series of 10.
January features "The Tweedles"...If you missed December with the holidays, it was "The March Hare" (kit available on my website)
February will debut the Caterpillar and I will end the series in March with The White Queen.


I am starting this month with a Nativity series called "The Manger"
A new piece will be offered each month. These pieces may be purchased Finished, Kit or E-Pattern.
The pieces will include:
The Camel, Sheep and Lamb, Donkey, Oxen, The Baby Jesus, Manger Angel, Mary, Joseph, King Melchior (wiseman), King Caspar (wiseman), King Balthasar (wiseman) and a Shepard man.

Offered January1st- December 1st

March 1st will begin the Wizard of Oz Series. This will be a series of 10 ornaments. I will make 1 each month from March 1st to December 1st. Each piece will be available Finished, Kit or E-Pattern.
The pieces will include:
Dorothy, Toto, The Tinman, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, The Wicked Witch, The Good Witch, The Wizard, Flying Monkey and Lolipop Munchkin.

Also, I will be making my seasonal patterns, angel patterns, pincushion patterns...Oh, I have so much I want to share with you this year!

And, of course, I will have my seasonal Web Shows of FINISHED PIECES in my Gallery.

I always welcome ideas too. Is there something you would like made into a pattern, a finished piece? a supply you've been looking for? If I can help, I'd be Glad to!

Many thanks for your time and I look forward to the opportunities 2011 has waiting for us

My best,

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Cindy Leaf  01/03/2011 
I can't wait for your new items and patterns, maybe I can find some time, that is my problem!! 

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