"The Manger" Series 01/04/2011

Good Morning All~
Here is the 1st piece in "The Manger" series~ A nativity that I am going to create month by month. The 1st of each month I will offer a new addition to this Nativity.
Many of you have asked if you can see more of the Nativity. I am working on that for you right now!
I have been working on some of the patterns for a couple of weeks now.
By mid January, I should have all the animals, the baby Jesus and the manger Angel complete
The other figures will require more fabric research...but this will give you a good idea anyway.
So check back here mid-January or so and I'll also send out an emailing that you will get if you are on my mailing list.
If you would like to be on the mailing list, there is a sign-up right here on my website
Until next time......

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