New Kits 01/06/2011

A Few New Kits can be found this week/weekend on my website and in my Etsy shop :)
Hope Everyone has a great day!!

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Toni  02/22/2011 
The penguin is so very cute, and so is Myra and Finnius. Will these be available as e-patterns soon? I am so enjoying making all of your wonderful patterns.  

Roxana C  02/15/2011 
Hi i recieve the Valentine Mouse yesterday he's great. 

Cathy~ The Cheswick Company  02/08/2011 
Hi Sandra,
Barnaby the penguin will be available in Kit and E-pattern form this winter. Many thanks! 

Sandra  02/05/2011 
Are you planning on doing a pattern for the penguin you made before christmas? 

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  02/04/2011 
Thank you all!!!

Cindy, I am working on the big Angel pattern right now...really I am! It will be out this month :) 

Cindy Leaf  02/04/2011 
I Love all your new designs and I going to buy a couple kits next week, but I am still waiting for the large angel pattern - do you think you will ever do a pattern???? I LOVE angels, but this is the only angel I like - I have searched the internet, ebay, etsy, but I can't find anyone that I like. PLEASE make a pattern, I know you would sell lots of them!! I also like it because it is big!!  

Roxana Chaplin  02/04/2011 
The February's show is wonderfull. 

Marilyn  02/03/2011 
I absolutely LOVE your work. I wish I could crawl up into your head...You are so creative! I can't wait to make all your creations. I wish I had found you a long time ago! 

Diane Langness  01/24/2011 
I'm looking forward to crafting all your nativity series! I'm anxious to see February's debut. I love the new mohair designs. 

Roxana C  01/22/2011 
Looking forward to the new collection.Hope you're feeling better.  01/06/2011 
OMG.I'm over dosing on all of your new designs! So much giggly goodness. I LOVE love Robin!
xoxo Heidi 

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