Don't Forget your Lantern.... 08/19/2011

Don't Forget your Lantern.....You Never know who'll be out on Hallow's Eve!!!
Halloween Web Show~ Thursday eve Sept. 15th at 8pm (est)
Till tomorrow........

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CHRIS PRICE  09/19/2011 
My kit just arrived and I am so excitied, just trying to work out the time to craft!!! Thanks for the note, I hope your Mom is doing well!!! God is so good to us, we of little faith!! 

Tudy Hoffman  09/11/2011 
I love the anticipation of seeing your newest ideas and creations. Well done. 

Chris Price  09/07/2011 
Cute, cute, cute characters! 

Jackie Carney  09/06/2011 
Cathy would love to get your emails again! jdc475945,
thanks and blessings,

Jackie Carney 

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