Thank You! 03/24/2009

Well, I posted last night for my first web show since I started the Blog~
And it was SO wonderful to email and talk via phone directly to my customers!!! Thank you SO much for all of your flattery!! I am so thrilled to have this connection directly to you :)
If you haven't been to the Web Show yet, Please stop by the Gallery, as I made Several pieces this time and there are still plenty for sale. I usually make 8 or 10 pieces, but this time I made over 20!
Also, I have added the new policy of Layaway. Or as my Grammie used to say "I'm paying it on time". What ever happened to layaway?
I remember when we were little...we would go to the children's clothing shop in our town...Mrs. Leedham ran it. I remember that the shop was small, but had lots of choices. We would pick out our school clothes in the summer and Mrs. Leedham would put them in a box with our name on it. My dad and mom would pay on it all summer and then the box came home right before the start of school. It is a great memory!
On that note...Have a Great day! (It's late March...why is it only 16 degrees here?)
Here are a few pieces from the web show~

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Theresa Meloon  03/24/2009 
Everything you made for the website update is simply lovely Cathy!!! 

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