The Ark is DONE!! 01/25/2012

I am thrilled! The Ark is complete and I am half way through the instructions to create all of the pieces.
Here are some pics of it finished
This picture above is the Ark completed
Ark Animals~ Group 1
Ark Animals~ Group 2
Ark Animals~ Group3
Ark Animals~ Group 4
Dove with the olive branch at the peak of the ark
Noah himself
Back of the Ark
I should have patterns for all of these pieces and supply kits up for sale in a week or so
The patterns will be:
1. The Ark, Noah and the dove
2. Ark Animals~ group 1
3. Ark Animals~ group 2
4. Ark Animals~ group 3
5. Ark Animals~ group 4
Patterns are $8.95 each
Supply kits will be:
1. Noah & the dove $8
2. Ark Animals~ group 1 $16 (fabrics & supplies for 6 animals)
3. Ark Animals~ group 2 $16 (fabric & supplies for 6 animals)
4. Ark Animals~ group 3 $16 (fabrics & supplies for 6 animals)
5. Ark Animals~ group 4 $16 (fabrics & supplies for 6 animals)
I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Best, Cathy

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Debra Schoch  06/04/2012 
yor patterns are a delight! and the ark animal are wonderful!my favorites are the owl and goats! Have enjoyed using your patterns and cherish my originals made by you! Happy work!! 

Jeni  05/08/2012 
I was wondering when the 2nd group of Trick or treaters will be an e pattern 

Cathy M  02/16/2012 
I found perfect sticks for legs at Petco and Petsmart in the rabbit and guinnea pig section! They come in bundles, two different sizes...just wanted to share a great find. 

Chris Price  02/14/2012 
Oh my good golly, keep them coming. Can't wait for another crafting day with my sisters and you! 

Cathy~ Cheswick Company  02/07/2012 
Thank you so much Jackie! 

Jackie Carney  02/07/2012 
It came out so awesome, the pieces are just great! 

Cathy~ Cheswick Company  02/01/2012 
Thank you so much Meghan! I have been wanting to make this for a long time now! 

Meghan Grace  02/01/2012 
Hi Cathy! This has got to be THE most precious thing I have ever seen! Your work is really wonderful. Meghan  

Cathy- Cheswick Company  01/28/2012 
Many thanks Beth! and I sent you an email re: stuffing 

Beth D  01/28/2012 
The Ark is wonderful! It will have to go on my "must make" list. I have a question that I hope is OK - I'm making the first Alice in Wonderland kit and am wondering if you have a recommendation for stuffing.


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