EPattern Giveaway! 07/11/2012

And for my FIRST Returning Blog Post......
Simply write your name and email in response along with your favorite idea for a Christmas Ornament
 for me to make
a name will be drawn at random and posted to next wednesday's blog post :)
Switching topics....I never knew how the peace sign was created....before now
Have a wonderful, peaceful day!!!

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Angel  04/20/2013 
Because it is, or can be. You can choose to do the same, and maybe have your liltte kids do the smaller ornaments, while the bigger (older) kids place the bigger and higher ornaments at the top. Then there's 

Sherry Avery  07/17/2012 
Hi- Being a Santa fanatic, I would love to see a fresh, unique pattern for him.  

Cathy  07/16/2012 
Trying to get your blog posts to display correctly. I have your names for the giveaway though! 

Heather   07/14/2012 
Squirrel or a hedgehog.... 

jeni @ longhorn1031@yahoo.com  07/13/2012 
A reindeer would be a great addition! 

toni at heartlandprims@yahoo.com  07/13/2012 
A penguin ornament would look great on my black and white tree! 

CONNIE A.  07/13/2012 

dodiem43@aol.com  07/12/2012 
Dodie Mordecai
I would like to see a cute santa ornament. 

Sandra cook  07/11/2012 
I'd like to see a panda with candy canes as a Christmas ornament. 

chris price  07/11/2012 
I love your stuff! 

Heather  07/11/2012 
Thoughts on a squirrel or a hedgehog, either one would look very festive in a hat/scarf  

Tanya Fell  07/11/2012 
Hi Kathy, My idea would be a primitive Christmas cat. Maybe too large for an ornament, but very cute for a sit-along with the Snow Queen or a Santa. Thanks for the peace sign origins.  

Kristi felts  07/11/2012 
Angels are my fav 

Barbara  07/11/2012 
an angel! 

Theresa  07/11/2012 
I think you need to make a Christmas crow Cathy. :0) tmeloon@comcast.net 

Sarah Smith Feriers@yahoo.com  07/11/2012 
I think a little Christmas Gnome or Cardinal would be a great addition to any pattern collection.  

Donna Link (spiritwoman@nctv.com)  07/11/2012 
Any of the characters from the show "A Christmas Carol". 

Sandy  07/11/2012 
Greetings - How about a white Snow-pumpkin-pal all glittered and with fluffy angel wings. maybe holly or a small stocking in their hand! Ohhhh


Helen  07/11/2012 
I did know about the peace sign...but forgot about its origins!

As for an ornament, perhaps a stocking with a small animal popping out the top? Or a figure carrying a stocking? Or a tree topper ornament in felt such as prim angel or star? 

Kathy Introcaso   07/11/2012 
Ebenezer Scrooge 

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