New Pattern! "Matilda & Lil" 03/26/2009

Hi Again!
I've been working on a NEW Pattern for you...I have called it "Matilda & Lil"
Matilda is a wool felt bunny~ She is about 24" tall...sitting, she is 18" tall from her seat. I wanted to make her a nice size, without being too large.
Matilda's facial features are hand stitched and her ears are wired. I made Lil from sparse mohair and I gave Matilda slightly exaggerated feet with hand stitched toes.
I have dressed Matilda in Antique clothes...You know, I wanted to make her clothes, but the old clothes are so much more charming to me.
This leads me to my questions...I want to serve my pattern people as best I can, so I would TRULY appreciate your input.
1. Do you mind that some of my figures in my patterns are dressed in antique clothing, or would you rather a pattern for the clothes?
2. Would you like me to carry the fabrics that I use in the patterns (including mohair) on my website, or do you prefer to find your own?
3. Are you finding my patterns user friendly?
4. Do you have trouble finding the materials and supplies that I use in my patterns, and if so, which supplies?
5. Are there any patterns, in specific, that you would like to see me create for you?
Thanks for your input! It will help me serve you better.
This pattern should be up for sale here on my website and in my ebay store by the weekend. And this finished piece will be for sale at on the 1st of April. If you are not familiar with this website, it is a site where many different artists display new work on the 1st and 15th of each month...take a look!
Have a great day!

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Susan @ Miss Maddie's  03/29/2009 
Being a vintage and antique textile appraiser there is no shortage of goodies here to make a darling outfit to go with your perfect pattern.
I'll order my pattern right now. And I look forward to your goodies on the Primitive Gathering!

Susan  03/27/2009 
Love the New Pattern! I would like to see an Angel too. Thank you! 

Roxana  03/27/2009 
I find your patterns easy to do being able to purchase some off the supplies would be nice,having the option for the clothe would be nice.I love the new pattern count me in for one.Would like to see the mom and baby snowman as a pattern.  

Roberta  03/27/2009 
I'm curious about the owl...what does it look like? I really like this new pattern that you are offering! 

Gracie Smart  03/27/2009 
I LOVE this new pattern! I can't wait for you to post that it is for sale!!
Thank you Cathy :) 

Theresa Meloon  03/26/2009 
A pattern I'd love to see you make...would be your owls. I love my little owl you made and would love a bigger version of him or something similar. There are my thoughts I hope they are helpful. :) I Love the new count me in. I want one. :)



Theresa Meloon  03/26/2009 
Cathy I find your patterns very easy to use... but I'm a quilter and I've been sewing for the past fifteen years. Plus I'm not afraid to ask you if I do have a any questions. :) I've also had good luck in finding all the supplies that I needed. I just hop on the computer and Google my heart out if I can't find something. This maybe useful for others though. Let's see I like the idea of having the option with the clothes...but really it doesn't matter one way or the other. I love to antique.  

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