New Pattern & The Lover's Eye 03/29/2009

Good Morning...A rainy Sunday morning on the computer with coffee in hand~
I posted My NEW PATTERN "Matilda & Lil" on my website and in my Ebay Store.
As with all of my Patterns~The cost is $8.95 with shipping of $1.75...I do always combine my shipping on everything. If you want to take a look at all of my patterns, I can usually ship 4 patterns for $3. Many Thanks!
Something else to share!
Along with my fascination with antiques, I am particularly fond of anything miniature. Recently I seem to have developed a love affair with miniature paintings.
As I read more and more, I stumbled on something so unique to me, and I wanted to share it. The Lover's eye portrait.
Most often these were lockets, pendants or brooches.
Set in the Georgian Era, one would wear this piece of jewelry as a token of affection from a secret lover!
Then I came across this eye portrait...a mourning portrait
This would be the eye of a departed loved one, surrounded in black and set in a frame of pearls. The pearls are to represent tears.
For more pictures~ check out this link
This is what I do in my spare time~LOL! My husband thinks that the weirdest stuff peaks my interest!
Have a great day!

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buy strattera  12/13/2009 
this is a cool news. Thank you. 

Theresa Meloon  03/30/2009 
How interesting is that... I never knew any of this. I've heard of a piece of hair...but eye paintings. You've got my attention and my interest. :) 

Nancy Migliorino  03/29/2009 
Hi Cath, I just love Eye Jewelery, I looked for a piece when I was in England, but no luck. Thanks so much for the website you have listed on your blog for Eye Jewelery. WOW what a collection. Love ya Nancy 

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