April 1st in the Garden 04/01/2009

Well, here we are...April 1st! Although it is April Fools Day...I'm not a Great Prankster, so I will leave that to the rest of the family!
I did, however, decide yesterday, that it has been a Long Winter here in New England and it was time to go outside and see how the garden faired~
Much to my delight...there were little beauties budding and blooming!! This is Exciting!
Wow! As harsh as the winter was...Spring is still forging ahead!
Of course, this utter joy was quickly followed by  "I've got to get out here and get this cleaned up!"
So, back inside to finish this weeks orders...the garden will have to wait until the weekend~
I'll post some pictures of a new creation tomorrow~
Have a great day!

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Theresa Meloon  04/01/2009 
Yes... flowers are starting to spring up everywhere and like you I haven't gotten outside to clean out my flower beds. I hope that I will find the time tomorrow since it will be in the mid 60's and sunny. Happy April Fools to you!!! :) 

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