"Lilian Grace" goes to Collins Gifts 04/02/2009

Good Morning~
I though I would share a few pictures of Lilian Grace with you this morning. She is one of my new creations fashioned from a vintage birdcage. This piece is on it's way to Collins Gifts ( www.collinsgifts.com )in New Hampshire. I was just tickled with how she came out! Nancy, does this birdcage look familiar...I love the door, and the swing...and the green bottom for Spring!
If you are new to my work, I tend to come up with a few new inspiring ideas and my mind let it run it's course for a year. I make very few pieces of the same concept. I will be making one more birdcage figure for Spring for Wilson & Wilson Folk Art and then a few for Autumn...then it will be on to a new inspiration! The same idea applies to the clock cases....and so on. It is my way of keeping an idea special, and also encourages me to go out there and find something interesting...and usually old...
to create the next line!
I think that today, along with working along on a few special orders, I will start making another new pattern.
Also, I wanted to mention that I am now posting again on a great website www.theprimitivegathering.com . This is a shopping website where wonderful primitive folk artists sell their work. Take a peek! I have sold my Matilda doll~ she is headed to her new special home...but I still have a new make-do pincushion with a fuzzy mohair chick on top!
Hope you have a great day!

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Cathy~Cheswick Company  04/03/2009 
Thank you all SO much for your wonderful comments. You make me feel like a Million Dollars!!

Susan  04/03/2009 
She is so Beautiful!! 

Wendy  04/02/2009 
Lillian Grace arrived today and her pictures don't do her justice.She is truly amazing.
Thank you again for another wonderful creation!

Nancy Migliorino  04/02/2009 
Cath, The cage looks GREAT, and so does Lilian, she is beautiful. Your work and designs are unique. Love ya 

Heidi Steiner www.steinerbears.blogspot.com  04/02/2009 
Cathy- I LOVE Lilian!!!! Her antique clothing is wonderful and she has a very pretty face.
I'll see you soon!

Theresa Meloon  04/02/2009 
Yet another lovely lady with her sweet singing bird. Lilian is the angel queen of spring with her sweet smile. I love her Cathy... she is simply divine. :)

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