Aunt Kay's Birthday 04/06/2009

Good Morning!
Saturday night was my Aunt Kay's 60th Birthday party...and OH BOY, we had much fun that I had to take a nap on Sunday afternoon! I think it's been about 5 years since I took a nap in the daytime-haha!
So here we all are, in front of my house...well, my poor Hubby took the picture...we cannot figure out how to use the timer on the camera...I know, it's pitiful!
There I am in the red apron...To the left of me are my two brothers, Scott and James (James is from Vietnam and he came to the US to be part of our family almost 25 years ago). The two little guys are my nephews (Scott's kids). Then we have Kay...the birthday girl!...Then cousins to the elders, Tim and Glennie. To the right, in back, is my mom and dad and in front of them is my son Rudy (in the hood) and his girlfriend Ruthie.
This is my dad and Kay. Kay is the baby of the family and dad is in the middle. They have an older brother too.
I love that we have these family photos now. Well, family fun is over for the to work fun!
Have a great day!

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Latoya  02/24/2013 
I was so cnofused about what to buy, but this makes it understandable. 

Theresa Meloon  04/06/2009 
It looks like all of you had fun...look at all those happy smiles. :) 

Nancy M  04/06/2009 
Cath, You look just like your father. You have a beautiful family, enjoy your family while you can. LV  

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