Look What I Found!! 04/07/2009

So...today was a CRAZY DAY! I know I usually post in the AM, but work really took precedence!
I got to the Post Office at 4:30 this afternoon, after a long day in the workshop and when I finished dragging the packages in (you can imagine how they LOVE to see me coming~ Haha!), I decided to take a breather and go to my local antique co-op for a little visual rejuvenation...And look what I found...
A Gorgeous Old Easter Bonnet! The straw has darkened to just the right patina...the flowers have faded just the right amount...Truly delightful!
I thought to myself...what a perfect accessory to a big bunny. I tried it on Harriet when I got home (she is my current resident Bunny). I took her wired ears and bent them down into lop ears...she looks So pretty in this hat!
Then I found a slew of Old baskets! And mostly miniature...my favorite :)
You know...when I Need a basket, I can't find a single one...so I have learned to scoop them up when they present themselves!
I came out of the shop feeling a sense of renewal
....Now, I am back to work for the pieces to go to the post office tomorrow....
Hippety, Hoppety, Easter's on it's way!
Have a Great Evening~

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Theresa Meloon  04/08/2009 
Oh... what sweet little baskets and the hat... I really like the hat. :) 

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