Theresa's Isabella Boo! 04/09/2009

Good Evening!
I would Love to share some Isabella Boo Dolls that Theresa made. They came out so Beautiful...
Each doll is Unique unto itself...and I love her choices of Fabric. Theresa, you make my day when you send photos of your creations from my patterns~Thank You!!
And Look at the Detail that she added to the shoe~ so special!
Thank you for Sharing with me and allowing me to share with everyone else!
I LOVE to receive photos of finished pieces created from my patterns~ and to share them on my blog as well. Please keep sending them :)
To view my complete listing of patterns, please visit the "Patterns & Supplies" page on my website and email with any inquiries or purchases.
Many Thanks!

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Heidi Steiner  04/10/2009 
Wowza! The dolls are fab! Theresa created stunning Halloween magic. Bravo Cathy for so many wonderful patterns and and all the inspiration you share.

Gracie  04/10/2009 
These dolls are so pretty. I Love this Blog!! 

Leslee  04/10/2009 
The styles are timeless in their choices of color and design. Theresa did a great job of capturing the detail work so necessary for quality. 

Theresa Meloon  04/10/2009 
Cathy your so sweet for sharing my photos... I just love your patterns!!! I hope other people share what they're making from your patterns...because I want to see. :)



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