NEW PATTERN "Prim Kitty Pinkeeps" 04/11/2009

What says Easter more than a Juggling Frog in
Bathing Trunks!
A Wonderful Holiday to you and yours!
I have a New Pattern to Offer you Today!  It is called "Prim Kitty Pinkeeps"
When I exhibited at The York Folk Art Festival earlier this year
( )...I will be there in November too :)
 there was also an Antique show running (wouldn't you favorite!)
So, of course, I had to scoot over and see! I found these old, loved, stuffed cats and fell in love with them!
I thought to myself what a great pattern it would make to translate these old pieces into something new.
So I went to the drawing board~ Haha!
I used a synthetic fur for these and the belly area is a cotton batting. The fur takes the antique wash really well and when dry, it looks nice and old! The fur and batting for these cats can be purchased at .
I am going to make these pieces out of mohair, as well ~ I just love mohair, and this pattern lends itself well to either fur type.
AND...if you don't prefer to sew...Finished pieces will also be for sale! Please email me if you are interested~
Have a great day!

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Susan @ Miss Maddie's  04/13/2009 
These are as cute as the bunny pattern I just bought!A definite must have for the sewing table.

Nancy Migliorino  04/12/2009 
Happy Easter Cath to you and your family. 

Theresa Meloon  04/12/2009 
Happy Easter Everyone!!! 

Gracie  04/11/2009 
This is such a great pattern! I love it!! Especially the kitty with the ball. 

Cathy  04/11/2009 
Theresa, that is a great idea to make these into Halloween kitties!!  

Theresa Meloon  04/11/2009 
I just love when I saw this yesterday in your Ebay shop... I purchased it right away. Now I know you have some idea of how I am this wont surprise you when I say I see black cats holding orange pincushions for Halloween. :) Maybe I'll use black mohair...that stuff is great. :)  

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