Mom's Mother's Day Gift 04/15/2009

Good Morning all!
Oh's tax day
That side of my brain doesn't work very well~ my poor hubby!! It is up to him to get that done for both of us...but hey, he doesn't do laundry!
On to something interesting...
Since I have decided to make the bird cage dolls, my mom has decided she doesn't want a doll~ that would be too easy! Haha...she wants to get an antique bird cage and have a pair of finches.
Of course, all of my mother's animals live the life of royalty, so most antique bird cages will not do, as they are too small and the birds cannot spread their wings adequately. However, what's the sense in a new bird cage, as most are not nearly pretty enough!
Let me go one step ahead and say...she never asked me to get this for her. I just want to...for mother's day...because she is simply the best mother ever!
So, onto the hunt for a Large Antique bird cage. Oh yes, you can find them...but they are more than my mortgage payment!
I did find these two that are somewhere closer to my price range...if I get my brothers involved in the transaction.
What do you think?
Of favorite is the most expensive! Haha!! Both of these cages well exceed the minimum requirement of 16"x 16" floor space for finches.
I also came across this site in my travels This is a wonderful site for anything French! All of her items are new, but much nicer reproductions than I saw elsewhere. I found her website in a blog that searches for French items...old and new (I have put this website in my favorites as a definate for gifting). Most of the Antique birdcages that I found appealing, but way out of price range, were French or English.
This is the Reproduction is about half the price of the antique ones.(It's the tall one in the photo)
It just meets mom's requirements for happy birds! (16"x 16" floor space). I really like it, and I am happy to share the website with you, as I think it has may lovelies that are also functional!
So the heart is ALWAYS with something old! What do you guys think?? Maybe you know of a Fabulous bird cage! I still have some time, so I'm not too worried yet!
Posting my last Bird cage doll for Spring tomorrow~
Have a Great Day!

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Laura Powell  05/08/2011 
Hi, I just found the second birdcage in an antique store. Can you tell me anything about it including the price? my email address is I would appreciate it. Thanks, Laura Powell 

Nancy M  04/15/2009 
Cath, I think that you are better of with the reproduction cage. The birds pick at the wood, and if is old wood I don't think that it will be to good for the birds.I had birds for 12 years, if you want to talk call me. Love ya Nancy 

Theresa Meloon  04/15/2009 
Cathy I really like the first bird cage the best but the reproductions would be a very close second... in my book anyway. :)



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