Opening the Cottage! 04/27/2009

Good Morning!
I haven't been on my blog all weekend, as we left for the lake on Friday morning to open the cottage.
The cottage is a little slice of heaven :) It is truly the best money my husband and I have ever spent! Fortunately, we got the bright idea about 6 years ago when the cottage prices up in the Berkshires were still extremely affordable (AND it was a fixer upper, but my husband is an exceptional home builder)...that is not the case today and we count our lucky stars everytime we go know that our timing in life hasn't always been that good...haha!
So, we cleaned the yard and the porch...Cleaning the porch first is a must! I took a couple of pictures~
This is the porch from the outside
This is the porch inside
This is Cricket (our pug) and Georgia (our French Bulldog) relaxing on the porch!
This is a view of the lake from our yard
This is our Living room bed and our Bedroom bed...can you tell that we relax alot here!!!
So on our next visit to the lake...I will take the camera out on the lake itself! The weather here in New England was gorgeous! I hope it was where you live too!
Have a great Day!

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Theresa Meloon  04/28/2009 
Oh... I LOVE it!!! I want to come visit. :)  

Heidi Steiner  04/27/2009 
I LOVE it!!!!!I think a girls weekend here would be an excellent idea!

Nancy M  04/27/2009 
Cath, Even your dog's look relaxed. What a beautiful cabin to relax in. Love ya Nancy 

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