The Primitive Gathering May Update 05/01/2009

........Now Available on The Primitive Gathering......
These are the Finished One-of-a-kind pieces from my latest Pattern "Pinkeeps from the Berry Patch"
~And this is my New Mohair Birdie~
Made from sparse mohair and posable with her wired legs
Limited Edition
....AND For All of my Faithful Blog Followers.....
First blogger to leave a comment gets the Big Berry Pinkeep 
Wanted to add some Excitement to May Day!
Happy Friday~

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Rosemarie  05/06/2009 
Cathy, can you make a bunny out of that mohair from which the bird is made???!!!!:) 

Miss Maddie's (Susan)  05/03/2009 
Matters not if I'm the first(although I would admit one of your creations as a prize would be most delightful) just coming here to gaze at the little wonders is winning enough for me!
Enjoy your merry month of May!

Nancy M  05/03/2009 
Thanks to Cath and all the girls for there congrats. 

Barbara Melotto  05/02/2009 
I love the berry! Wish I was the lucky one!


Christina Nancarrow/Checkerberries Quilt Shop  05/02/2009 
Another great pattern Cathy. I am always anxious to see what you're going to come up with next. The pattern is great.
Congrats Nancy. The berry is awesome. 

Heidi Steiner/Steiner Bears  05/01/2009 
Oh Drat!!!I'm always a day late and a dollar short.You are such a sweetie to do a give away!See you soon-

Theresa Meloon  05/01/2009 
I love the strawberry... congratulations Nancy you're fast. :) 

Cathy  05/01/2009 
Yeah! Nancyis the First Blogger...Girl, you are fast!! For all of my other faithful bloggers...fear not~ there are more give-aways in the future!!

Nancy M  05/01/2009 
Hope I am the first blogger Cath,I may need one of the BIRDIE's. Love your work. Love ya Nancy  

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