New Tag ...Treehouses 05/05/2009

Good Morning~
Yesterday, I spent part of the day working on a new tag and fold-over card for my product line.
You know, it's not the easiest to create a tag that encompasses Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...and when a business is seasonal, it's even harder! I have always stuck to plain brown, but I started feeling like it was the easy way out~
In the end...I have a new tag...and it's already at the printers! I am really excited about it and I'll show it on the blog as soon as I get it.
While searching the Hundreds of Thousands of clip art images on line...a picture of a treehouse came up. This was Completely unrelative to the search, so I had to take a look....
Is this wild or what....What an interesting place to live~ It looks like it's right out of a Tim Burton movie!
This led me on an hour long sidetrack to the task at hand!! LOL!!!
But look at these:
I don't know if I could ever live in a tree house....but there is something SO appealing to me.
Perhaps it the Whimsical way in the Life...
I could Probably live in this one!!
Have a Great Day...Back to work!!! I am working on a new piece for Summertime :)

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buy strattera  12/13/2009 
this is a cool news. Thank you. 

Sarah  05/08/2009 
These are amazing!!!! I like the one overlooking the water! 

Roxana Chaplin  05/06/2009 
Great tree houses looking forward to the supply section to come. 

Barbara Melotto  05/06/2009 
Just ordered some of your new patterns! Can't wait for the supply list to come out. 

Rosemarie  05/06/2009 
Treehouses have always captivated my imagination and blur into reality! It would be fun to have one in addition to my "real" house!! 

Barbara Melotto  05/05/2009 
Wow! These houses look like an adventure. I would love to live in any one of them, especially the first one! 

Jenn Tavoletti  05/05/2009 
Ohhh these are so neat....I can't wait to show my daughter. She's been working on my husband to build her a treehouse. Remember the one from Swiss Family Robinson? I so wanted to live there!! Have a great day ~~ Jenn 

Theresa Meloon  05/05/2009 
Cathy I think I could live in any of these... they're so wonderful. The last one makes me think of Rapunzel....I expect her to let down her hair at any moment. :)



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