One-of-a-Kind For Sale "Patient Mum" 05/08/2009

Hi there~ Hope your day is going well! The sun Finally came out today~Hooray!!
I didn't have a chance to do a Mother's Day update in the Gallery...But, a Mother's Day piece has been whirling around in my head for a while, so I decided to take the day to create it...
seize the moment before the idea is gone~Haha!
This is my "Patient Mum"
I began early this morning with an ordinary box. I cut the box apart to create this open birdhouse form. I then collaged a collection of special papers to the entire house. For the roof...very early book covers! I drilled several tiny holes down the peak of the roof on each cover, and then laced the covers together with fine brass wire. This piece also has a rust wire loop for hanging. It sits or hangs.
Of course, Mum needed a perch to watch over her egg. I made a mama blackbird from sparse black kid mohair and gave her wire poseable feet. This way I could curl her claws to her perch.
And her egg is a real hand blown egg...nestled in a nest of sweet annie and drieds.
This piece is a One-of-a-Kind and available for Sale at $119.00
If you would like to purchase, please email me at
She will be sold first come, first serve~
Many Thanks! and
Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!!

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leigbgigli  04/05/2010 
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ardeliabla  04/05/2010 
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JaRae  05/11/2009 
WONDERFUL pin cushion! Always the best, thanks again. 

Sally Margagnoni  05/11/2009 
wonderful! she is so special! i'm always in awe over your work! 

Gracie Smart  05/09/2009 
Oh I LOVE her...I want her!!! 

Steiner Bears  05/09/2009 
I love this black bird! You are soooooo clever! Simply irresistable.

Rosemarie  05/09/2009 
I love bird houses....and birds. You create two of my favorite creatures, bunnies and birds! Thanks for your creativity. 

Theresa Meloon  05/08/2009 
What a great little bird house with a very lovely momma. I love the fact that she is waiting for her little baby to crack open it's egg. It's super sweet. :) 

Wendy Collins  05/08/2009 
Oh My Cathy,
I just LOVE her!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day,

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