My Gramp 05/12/2009

Hi All~
I normally post in the morning, but I am posting this evening, as tomorrow morning is the Memorial Service for my Gramp. I had the wonderful responsibility of the flower arrangement for the church, and I decided to make it instead of buy it. If you knew Gramp and his love of nature you would know that an conventional arrangement wouldn't really represent the man.
This is what I made for Him~
If he were here, I think he would appreciate this arrangement AND the enamel pail...and I picked a nice amount of this along the road and in the woods...he would also like that.
Nature in itself was so Beautiful to him.
Tomorrow we will gather together and celebrate Gramp's life...almost 92 years ~ and After all that time here on Earth, I'm sure there will be lots of stories,  laughs and tears, but most important will be the memories....
Love you Gramp...

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Lavon  02/25/2013 
None can doubt the vearcity of this article. 

Candie  02/25/2013 
Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eraleir! 

Barbara Melotto  05/14/2009 
Cathy,I am so very sorry to hear about your Gramps. It is so hard to lose those that are so dear to us and have enriched our lives. I hope you can think of all the wondeful memories that made him who he was and live every day by his example. 

Roxana Chaplin  05/13/2009 
It's hard to say goodbye to our love one's the flowers are beautiful.  

Theresa Meloon  05/13/2009 
It's so hard to have a beloved family member leave...especially when you're not ready for them to go. It sounds like your Gramps was a very special man... just like the flower arrangement you made of a kind and beautiful.



Rosemarie  05/12/2009 
I'm sorry to hear about your gramp--the arrangement is wonderful and all my favorite flowers!! It almost looks like my wedding bouquet when I walked down the aisle--I was starting my "new" life back than and gramp is starting his "new" life. 

Nancy M  05/12/2009 
Cath Iam so sorry that gramp's has passed.I know that you talked about him alot to me. I sure that you will miss him, but he is looking down at the the beautiful bouquet that you made for him. Love to you and your family. Nancy 

Glennis Whiffen  05/12/2009 
Cathy ~ this is as beautiful! As lovely as the bouquet you made me, in an antique watering can, several years back. I can guarantee you , your gramps would (is!) love it. The thought you put it into it..making it yourself.
Using some of what is just outside your doorstep.
What he would prefer. Simple pleasures.
Glennie xo 

Sarah  05/12/2009 
Beautiful Cath! I LOVE the bucket!! 

Debbie  05/12/2009 
Cathy - this is absolutely beautiful and you're right Gramp would love it. You should feel good about this contribution that obviously came straight from your heart. I hope tomorrow goes well and many good memories are shared. Love, Deb 

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