"Old Fashioned Frosty" & "2 Turtle Doves" Patterns 11/17/2008

Hi there~ Well...I had the great idea for a blog at the very busiest time of the year!! Haha...That seems to be when I get my best ideas~ So, stay with me...It will get better! I made some new patterns this week. First, we have "Old Fashioned Frosty"...a snowman inspired by the old German cotton batting snowman, but with a whimsical twist~ a wee Christmas mouse in his arms.
The other pattern that I just completed is "2 Turtle Doves". I just love making all kinds of animals. There is something very peaceful endearing about the simplicity of 2 doves nestled in a bed of evergreens~ I made a pattern, a kit and the finished pieces are also available here on the website and in my ebay store.
Introducing Georgia and Cricket! They spend all day with me in the workshop and they are great company when they aren't stealing the thread! Georgia is a French Bulldog~ she is 8 months old and Cricket is a Pug~ she is 2 yrs old. They are both so sweet and happy...they make me smile

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Roxana  11/19/2008 
Nice Blog we have Bailey looks like the one on the right she also helps me out in the sewing room.Roxana 

Juie  11/18/2008 
Your site looks great, Mick and the pictures of the dogs add that "little something special" to this page. Hope you're all staying warm. It's sooo cold here! Have a great Thanksgiving. 

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