My New Tag & Elizabeth Berg 05/20/2009

Good Morning!! Still sorting through the Brimfiel Pictures...they are coming!!
In the meantime....My New Tag came back from the Printers!! What do you think? This is a setup image...I had the actual tags printed on Aged Parchment cardstock.
And Tonight....I get to go visit my Favorite Author...Elizabeth Berg . She is coming to the bookstore in our neighboring town to do a reading and signing and my sister-in-law got us tickets to go. I am so excited!! Her new book is titled "Home Safe".
I met Elizabeth just after she finished her first book 'Durable Goods". She came to a Handcraft show where I was exhibiting and bought some Christmas ornaments from me. (I wonder if she remembers?) She sat in my booth and we just started talking. She told me that she just finished a novel and was so happy to have started writing novels. I was thinking to myself...this woman is so nice, but who she is? That was in 1993....and Now she is, Many books later...a NY Times Best Oprah pick....WOW!
And...her books are GREAT! They are about life and situations and feelings...core things that every woman can relate to...I just think she's the Tops!!
Visit her website...and she has a Blog there too!
Since I met Elizabeth via a Christmas Ornament purchase...I think I might bring her one tonight~
Have a Great Day!

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sarah  05/27/2009 
Cath, I LOVE your tag!!!! Elizabeth Berg;s new book looks great- maybe I will chaeck it out for some good summer reading:) 

Barbara Melotto  05/21/2009 
I just went to Elizabeth Berg's web site and checked out all her books. I actually think I have read some of her books in the past and wondered why I didn't keep reading her. Can't wait to get to a book store and stock up. I bet last nights visits with her must have been a lot fun. I wish I had been available to go myself.  

Rosemarie  05/20/2009 
The new tags look great, I agree w/Nancy M in that the umbrella is unique in the symbolization of your work covering many facets! 

Barbara Melotto  05/20/2009 
My new patterns arrived and they are great. Can't wait to start sewing up a storm. One of your new tags was attached and it is terrific. The aged paper makes a big difference. Thanks for the reading tip. I love to read and Elizabeth's books sound interesting. Have fun tonight! 

Nancy M  05/20/2009 
Cath, I like your tag very much, I think that your umbrella covers all of your BEAUTIFUL work. 

Theresa Meloon  05/20/2009 
I like the new tags a lot. I think they have a bit of Mary Poppins feel to them... you know magical. :)  

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