Brimfield May 2009 05/21/2009

Hi All!
Well, as promised...Here are some photos of my excursion to Brimfield!

Thursday was a bit wet and rainy...but that didn't stop us!! We are Fierce shoppers...Look at these Big Scissors!!
And Look at these HUGE Candy Molds!!
That's Heidi Steiner with me...she makes the most incredible things! Take a peak at her blog too.... ...It's Always a Fun Trip to Heidiland!
Now I told you that I went with my other Gal Pal Wendy....Wendy Collins of Collins Gifts
Wendy isn't in any of the pictures :( 
 Apparently, she's a wee bit camera shy...Silly Girl!! Since I can't show off a picture of her, I will have to show you some of her favorite antiques from the show..
First we have the Beautiful Baby Buggy ~Can we tie it to the roof? Next year we are going to need a Bigger Car~
It really is Pretty...But not as Pretty as this Sled with a Robin hand painted on it...Or this Pristine Rocking Horse!
I think Wendy WILL own one or both of these ONE day!
I have NO IDEA what this is? It was taken the day before I arrived! I think one of the girls bought it for a Halloween Costume!
Thursday Night we went to the Publick House Tavern Room for dinner....If you like Authentic New England and the Cuisine that goes with it...This is the place for you! Built in 1771 and still looks like 1771~
You can get to the Tavern Room from the back entry at the Bakery...which is delightful in itself!
We rested our shopped-out bones and headed back to the fields Friday Morning~
Friday was a Beautiful Summer-like day! 
Look at this Thread Box! LOVE IT!!
And this Poor Little Fella...Get me OUT OF HERE!
And By the Very end of the day on Friday....We were Saying the Same :) But WOW! It was FUN!!! Can't wait to do it again Girls!

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Donna  05/29/2009 
I went to Brimfield about 10 years ago. Talk about being on loverload. You were lucky to have such wonderful weather. We like to freeze to death. Came home with wonderful treasures...... 

Sarah  05/27/2009 
OK, I want those cany molds....and that thread box!!! Wow!!! You guys saw some great stuff! 

Rosemarie  05/23/2009 
Cathy--I hope you rescued that cute little bear. No matter how full your car there was probably still room for him! 

Collins Gifts  05/22/2009 
Shopping Brimfield with you and Heidi was so much fun!I really do NEED the large rocking horse. I think I see a road trip in my future.
Now as for a collaboration done by you and Heidi, I think you and Heidi should do 2 for my signing in Oct. One for each big window. But don't tell me what they are ahead of time as you know I love surprises.

Theresa Meloon  05/22/2009 
Thanks Heidi... to me having something that you and Cathy created together would be really...really amazing. :) 

Heidi Steiner  05/22/2009 
ohhhhhhhhh, Theresa....that soounds like a wonderful idea!!!!! Hint, hint Miz Cathy! 

Theresa Meloon  05/22/2009 
Oh... you girls must of had a blast... the thread box by far was my favorite. It must be the quilter in me that feels drawn to it. :) Yes, I know that Heidi... I have a bunch of her creations too. You both do such lovely work... maybe you two should do a project together... bear and doll combo. Just a thought mind you. :)  

Barbara Melotto  05/22/2009 
I am so, so jealous. I hope you found lots of treasures.Love all the pictures. Did you buy any of them? 

Steiner Bears  05/22/2009 
Hi Cathy- I had a blast with you as we tromped around looking for goodies. It was even fun eating lunch in the pouring rain! Lets do a gal pal thing again real soon..........

Nancy m  05/21/2009 
Cath, Looks like you and Heidi had a GREAT time in Brimfield. Also the antiques looked wonderful. Hope Ro and I make the trip next year to Brimfield and meet up with you gals. Love ya 

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