Working on New Patterns~OWLS! 05/29/2009

Good Morning!
In the midst of working on new pieces for "The Primitive Gathering" update and my "Sweet Summertime" web update on June 11th, I am continually thinking about...OWLS??!!
Now, mind you, there are no owl pieces in either update...I find it extremely humorous how my mind works!!! VERY RANDOM...I'd hate for my thinking patterns to be analyzed by a medical professional...They would probably be at odds!!
So, giving in to the thoughts, I stop what I am working on for a short while to make some owls~Haha!!!
I am going to make them into new patterns...
There will be 2 different with a little mohair hoot owl sitting atop a full moon
and the second will be called "Night Owl Needle Keepers"
You know, the owl has been an endearing sewing mate since the early days~
This is an old Owl Needle Keeper~
A Tape Measure~
And a sterling Needle Case~
I always LOVE tracing my new ideas back to antiques...How was the image used back then...Interesting!
Back to work~
Have a Great Day!
P.S. Don't FORGET the May Giveaway! The winner will be picked Sunday Evening! Everytime you post a comment to my Blog, your name gets thrown in the hat!
It will be a pun intended :)

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Carol Shannon  10/15/2011 
I have just found your site and I fell in love with everything.Going to make an order now.Thanks,Carol 

sally m  06/01/2009 
i'm so excited about the owls - i can't wait to add one to my cathy collection 

Kim  06/01/2009 
Hi Cathy,
Owls are great inspiration for creativity. I, too, make my own owl pincushions and sewing accompaniments. They're my favorite animal!

Stephanie Pluckhorn  05/30/2009 
As usual...your stuff is the best! 

Heidi Steiner  05/30/2009 
Love the hoot owl pin keeper ideas......will call soon.....Have a great weekend.....

sandra cook  05/29/2009 
Love your patterns! I will be eagerly awaiting your new owls! 

Donna O'Brien  05/29/2009 
Owls and Moons and Crow....Oh My!!!
What fun this will be. 

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  05/29/2009 
Hi Gals! Thanks for your great comments! Nancy...there will be crows :)
Have a great evening!! 

Becky Baucum  05/29/2009 
I LOVE OWLS. I must have both patterns!!!! 

Roxana Chaplin  05/29/2009 
Love the needle case we have an owl in our woods our granddaughter loves to listen to it.Looking forward to your web update. 

Nancy M  05/29/2009 
Cath, You know That I LOVE Crows, I hope that you are going to make some for the June 11th update. I like Owl's also. I am a bird lover. 

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  05/29/2009 
Theresa, I completely agree!! and I think the owls lend themselves so wonderfully to an array of designs! Many Thanks for your comment :) 

Theresa Meloon  05/29/2009 
Cathy, I can't wait to see the new owl patterns... you know you can count me in on both. I always tell everyone that I think the owl is the understated character of Halloween. Let's face it the pumpkins, witches, and black cats get the most attention... poor owls. :) 

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