New Owl Patterns! 06/03/2009

Good Morning...Well Almost Lunch!
Today is the Release of my New Pattern..."Night Owl Needle Keepers"
You can just email me to purchase or I will have it in my Ebay store later today~
This pattern contains a Night Owl Sewing companion, with places for your needles and pins, as well as a pocket for the tiny Putford scissors (available for sale on my Supplies page).
This pattern also contains instructions for the Night Owl Needle Box and Mouse Emery (Emery Grit is also available for purchase on my Supplies page).
And... I am writing up my spare time (laughing hysterically!) for my other Owl Pattern
This one should be ready soon!
Have a Great Day~

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sally m  06/06/2009 
cathy the moon and owl are so special - i just love them - sopha is so right - you are amazing!  

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  06/04/2009 
Hi Sandra...I think I will add maohair fabric. Most of my patterns that could be used with mohair only require a small piece. If I sold it in 9x12 and 12x18 inch pieces it would also be really affordable. Thanks for your comment and for all of the great comments on this blog posting! Hi nice to hear from you girlfriend! 

sandra cook  06/04/2009 
Cathy, I love your little owl on the moon! I also like the fact that you are carrying more supplies on your web site. Will you have mohair? (even small pieces as used on your elephant pinkeep) Keep working on patterns, I can hardly wait to see what you create for Halloween and Christmas! 

sopha  06/04/2009 
You are amazing!!! 

Roxana C  06/04/2009 
Looking forward to going home and working on my new patterns good talking to you today. 

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  06/03/2009 
Hi Roxana~ Hoot by the Light of the Moon will be ready in a week. Night Owl Needle Keepers is ready now. You can pre-order Hoot like Theresa, if you like :)
Many Thanks!

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  06/03/2009 
Theresa~ Of course you can pre-order Hoot! You're So Sweet! 

Roxana Chaplin  06/03/2009 
Cathy the new patterns are wonderfull are the patterns both ready i want both. 

Theresa Meloon  06/03/2009 
Cathy you are the best!!! Your owls are so great and I love both patterns...are you taking pre-orders for Hoot??? This way I can just send you a paypal payment for everything at once. LOL :) 

Sarah  06/03/2009 
Cath, I love your owl patterns!!! Especially the one with the moon~ 

Nancy M  06/03/2009 
What a HOOT Cath. 

Heidi Steiner  06/03/2009 
OMG! Woman- you are amazing! 

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