Wonderful Wool Websites 06/05/2009

Good Morning!
Working away on New pieces for the June 11th Update~
In the Meantime...
I would love to share a couple of Wonderful Wool Websites with you. This is the wool that I use for my finished pieces and Patterns.
First we have Maria and her wonderful website  http://www.themerryhookerwoolens.com/
She also has an ebay store~ her ebay ID is The Merry Hooker


Here is a Sampling of her Halloween colors....but there are SO MANY colors to choose from!
This company also has a wide variety of beautiful woolens
Both sites are well worth the trip...hope this info is useful!
Have a Great Day!

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Theresa Meloon  06/05/2009 
I'm so glad you posted this info Cathy... good wool is very hard to find. I hate to admit it but I go to Goodwill and look for 100% wool skirts....clean them and then take them apart... one seam and a time. 

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