Look What I Found! 06/18/2009

Hey There!
Look what I found!
Can you see this transformed into a one-of-a-kind Halloween piece! I am really excited about this one!!
I can see a witchy witch and her black kitty travelling in this one...maybe with a spooky moss covered roof
It's Raining again...and they say it's going to rain here for the next 5 days...ho-hum....Guess it will be a good time to stay inside and get things done~ Hope July is Sunny!
Have a Great Night~

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sarah  06/21/2009 
wow! Where did you find this?? 

Theresa Meloon  06/19/2009 
Oh... I think that's a great idea for the carriage. :) 

Roxana C  06/19/2009 
Love the carriage you find the best stuff yes a Halloween family for this. 

Barbara Melotto  06/19/2009 
Love the carriage and the family picture too!Looks like they may need the carriage,expecting maybe? Ha! 

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