Doll Challenge 06/24/2009

Good Morning!
Well, besides working on new Halloween pieces for The Primitive Gathering update on July 1st and building a new vegetable garden (photos of both to come!), my friend Theresa sent me this article~
It's a doll challenge for a new magazine~
I think I am going to enter!
Now, what to make...that's the question....
I am thinking...thinking...and if you have any ideas, I surely welcome them!
I think this will be GREAT fun!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day~ Summer's calendar anyway!

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Barbara Melotto  06/25/2009 
I am sure whatever doll you come up with will be wonderful. Love the thoughts of Halloween already, my favorite holiday! 

Theresa Meloon  06/25/2009 
Also I wanted to say YAHOOOOOOOO on the Halloween goodies... I can't wait to see what you make. :) 

Theresa Meloon  06/25/2009 
Cathy I like your clock case dolls... the birdcage dolls would be wonderful too. Really I think what ever you come up with will be fantastic. :) 

Roxana C  06/24/2009 
Cathy,how about a birdcage angel i'm sure you can come up with something wonderfull. 

Nancy M  06/24/2009 
Cath, How about one of your Birdcage dolls, know one makes them but you. They are truly different and Beautiful  06/24/2009 
Hey Girl Friend....Did I hear you say HALLOWEEN??!!!! I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!Can't wait to see what you're up to.......
Chat soon-
Yippee Skippee!  

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