Waterside Antiques 07/02/2009

Hi Everyone!
Today I'd like to share my friend Ginny's Website and Shop with you
Ginny Loves All Things Halloween!!!
Isn't this antique fireboard Incredible!!! It is among one of Ginny's most treasured Halloween possessions!
I highly reccomend a trip to her shop here in Clinton, Connecticut...but if you can't make it in person, she has compiled a wonderful inventory on line!
Enjoy the SPOOKY delights!
I am headed for a vacation at the lake for the week of the 4th of July with my family. I am so excited!
The lake is very old-fashioned~
Every year on 4th of July weekend there is a boat parade...what fun! Pick a theme for your boat and parade it around the lake...and, oh yes, there are judges and prizes and everything!
We haven't entered in the parade in 5 years...mainly because of the time element...I get so engrossed in decorating the boat...and it takes hours and hours to prepare.
But this year Ruthie (my son Rudy's girlfriend) encouraged me and said that she would help...and we have been at it!
Our theme: The Beverly Hillbillies!
With 10 cardboard refrigerator boxes, we have transformed our pontoon boat into a flat-bed truck!
Ruthie, being a gorgeous blond, will play Ellie May
My Brother Scott is Jethro
My husband Ron is Jed
And...my 8 yr old nephew, Alex, will play Grannie!
5 years ago, I transformed our pontoon boat into a Pirate Ship and we won 1st prize! It was Alex's older brother Justin who was in Love with "all things pirate" at the time...so, this time it will be Alex's turn to take center stage...up in the top of the truck in his rocking chair!
I will be sure to post photos...it will be so fun!!
Blog postings may be sparatic, as there is no internet at the lake...we have to venture downtown for that!
I will be compling lots of postings though, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, Visit Ginny, and tell her I said Hi~
Happy Holiday!

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Nancy M  07/14/2009 
Where are you Cath, we miss your post. Are you still having a good time. Love ya Nancy 

Heidi Steiner  07/14/2009 
Are you home yet??????? How was your week away??? We miss you!!!!

Bafbara Melotto  07/13/2009 
Went out to Ginny's this past weekend, but she wasn't open.  

Barbara Melotto  07/10/2009 
Hoping these last few days are great weather for you. Enjoy! 

Sarah  07/07/2009 
Cant wait to see pics!!! Hope you are relaxing!!!!!!!!!! 

Lori Ann  07/05/2009 
Wow Cathy . . the boat parade sounds like tons of fun!!
Enjoy . . and get rich on that Texas tea . . "Oil that is" . . "Black gold " !!

sally m  07/04/2009 
have a great time!

steinerbears.blogspot.com  07/03/2009 
Happy 4th Cathy! Have a blast at the lake.

Nancy M  07/02/2009 
Have a GREAT time at the lake with your family,and good luck with the boat contest. Take pictures. 

Theresa Meloon  07/02/2009 
Thanks for Ginny's website I'll go take a look at that next...but right now I want to tell you good luck on the boat contest (it sounds like fun)....I hope you win. :) Have a very Happy 4th!!!! 

Barbara Melotto  07/02/2009 
Sounds like so much fun.Wish I could see the parade. Have a ball! 

Roxana C  07/02/2009 
Have a wonderfull time,will be enjoying the 4th with our granddaughter,the new pieces are great 

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