Inspiration 07/21/2009

Good Morning!
People always ask me...where do you get your ideas?
Well, I guess I would have to say...the ideas are all around us~ waiting to be plucked and tweaked!
When I want to get into my head and tweak something, sometimes I will spend a couple of hours looking at the fabulous work of Illustrators. Some old, some new... although some of the old illustrations are the best!
One of my favorites of all time...Arthur Rackham
He is genius in my mind's eye!
Illustrator of Classics, Fable and Fantasy from the late 1800's to the 1930's. I would recognize his illustrations anywhere and you might too!
His Illustration of Mother Goose...One of my Personal Favorites!
How about...his interpretation of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
He also is a famous illustrator for classics like "Alice in Wonderland", "Gulliver's Travel's", "A Christmas Carol"....and the list goes on...I love, love, love his illustrations of "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens"
But my favorite would have to be "Wind in the Willows"
But it's more than just his intrepretation of a classic that I love...It's the energy that came out of him in bringing an illustration to life...
But none are better than his Crows!
Thank you Arthur Rackham!  My world is a better place because of your art!
Have a great day~

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sally m  07/21/2009 
i'm the same as nancy - i fell in love with crows through arthur rackhams books - i also admire leonard baskin's birds and art work - although some of his work (baskins) is a little out there - there is just an element of his birds that i like - thanks for sharing these cathy - you've reminded me of some books that i need to revisit - like an old friend some books bring back good memories and comfort - take care 

Nancy M  07/21/2009 
Cath I have seen Arthur Rackham's books. I guess that is why I love CROW'S. I also love his people tree's. Bye for now. Love ya 

Cathy~ The Cheswick Co.  07/21/2009 
Hi Barbara~
If you google Arthur Rackman Illustrations, you will come up with endless images...They are beautiful! Tomorrow I am going to share another Illustrator :) 

Barbara Melotto  07/21/2009 
I didn't recognize the name, but I will not forget it now that I have been reaquainted with his work. Where can I find more of his drawings? 

Theresa Meloon  07/21/2009 
Yes, I've seen his work many times...and your so right about the crows... they look like they could fly off the page. Also I wanted to tell you I got my goodies yesterday and that I love my new patterns... thank you, thank you. :O)

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