James Christensen~ Inspiration #2 07/22/2009

What a Beautiful Morning!
Yesterday it rained and rained and rained
This morning the Sun is shining and the air is cool...so far! haha
I would like to share another illustrator with you this morning. Many thanks to all of my bloggers for sharing their comments and some illustrators they like too!
I am so inspired by the illustrations of James Christensen...a current illustrator (yahoo!)
His work reaches the creative depths of the whimsical soul~ Here are a few of his MANY works~
This one, below, is called "The Burden of the Resonsible Man"
This one is called "Balancing Act"...much attributed to life, I assume.
I Love this one..." A Man and his Dog"...what a hoot!
But Saving the Best (to me) for Last...This illustration is called  "The Oldest Angel"
About 7 years ago, I used this painting as inspiration to create an Oldest Angel doll. He was one of my favorites, and I am thinking of making him again and creating a pattern.
In the words of Pablo Picasso...Everything you can imagine is real 
Off to finish some dolls~ Stay tuned of "Hallow Hattie Hargrave"!
Have a great day~

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steinerbears.blogspot.com  07/22/2009 
I'm loving these posts! The silly guy in the top hat with lion is my favorite.
Thanks for the fun Cathy-

Barbara Melotto  07/22/2009 
I am getting an education here! I guess I have lived a sheltered life when it comes to art. I can't wait to see what you create for the oldest angel. As you know, I am personally particular to special angels. I love him too! 

Theresa Meloon  07/22/2009 
I love James Christensen...about six years ago I found his work made into puzzles. Now I'm not a big puzzle person but I purchased three and two others were given to me. Once I put them all together I framed them and now all five hang on our bedroom walls. His work is so fresh and amazing... you could just look at them for hours and see something new each time. Cathy... I never got to see your Oldest Angel inspired by James... so yes you should make another. :)

Roxana C  07/22/2009 
Good Morning great way to start the day by looking at beautiful art.
Thank You for sharing 

sally m   07/22/2009 
in my little corner of northern CT the sun is not shinning yet but i have hope. these pictures are great - they really made my day - thank you for sharing them.  

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