Dog Days of Summer! 07/23/2009

Are these the Dog Days of Summer, or What!
This is an Antique Lounge in my Workshop...and Yes, it's where my Puppy Girls like to Laze a Summer Day Away!
Georgia likes to Nest in the pillows right by the window~
Cricket likes to collect all the dog bones for her naps!
Everyone tells me that my puppies are so spoiled...Well, why not~ they bring me lots of love and happiness :)
.:*.:.*It's a Dog's Life in Our House*.:.*:.

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Barbara Melotto  07/27/2009 
Perhaps Georgia and Cricket would like to cool off in a pool today.  

Roxana C   07/25/2009 
Glad i'm not the only one who spoileds their dogs our Bailey is sooo spoiled she's our little girl who will never leave the nest.Your babies look very happy,what would we do with out our furry freinds our cat Spud has it very good also. 

Barbara Melotto  07/24/2009 
Boy, I wish I was nestled right in between the pups. Everyday is a good day for a nap, especially on that antique lounge! Our animal friends ARE family, so they should be spoiled! They are not like our kids that eventually get independant and leave the nest.  

Theresa Meloon  07/24/2009 
Your puppies are so sweet...and boy do they look comfy. You're not the only one that spoils there four legged kids... we spoil our cat too. He has sooooo many toys...LOL. :) 

sally m   07/24/2009 
you are so right - why not! they look so comfy how do you not join them for an afternoon snooze.  

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