And the Winner is..... 08/02/2009

WOW! Let me say MANY THANKS for ALL of your WONDERFUL comments!
It was so exciting to hear from all of you! If you are new to my blog, I do a Giveaway each 1st of the check-in! And receive my emails for Giveaways, New Patterns, Supplies and Finished pieces, by signing up on my mailing list.
So...Let the drum roll please.......And the winner is .......
Patti Levine! 
Yeah!! Patti...please email me at with your mailing address and your choice of scissors. I will get them right out to you!
These scissors are available for sale here on my Patterns & Supplies...although buying isn't nearly as much fun as winning!
Now...I do have a concellation prize....
My cousin Sarah just gave me this Spectacular Salad dressing recipe, that is Actually pretty good for you!
Equal parts plain greek yogurt, lowfat or olive oil mayo, and lowfat or nonfat buttermilk
... So I empty out the yogurt (6oz) and add that much of the other 2...
then add 1tsp dried garlic, 1tsp dried oregano, 1tsp dried dill, 1tsp salt, 1tsp pepper
let it sit for 1/2 the day if you have makes you want to eat your greens!
Hope you enjoy!
Have a great day~

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Soap  08/12/2009 
Give away...really but I never ever!! 

Barbara Melotto  08/12/2009 
What a wonderful spook! You are so creative in everything! 

Doreen Frost  08/11/2009 
Oh..congratulations Patti. I'm so glad I found your site and your blog Cathy..I'll be a frequent visitor.


Carole  08/11/2009 
Hi Cathy,
Love you're new creation. We have to get together and do a movie with the girls soon. If you want come over and enter my giveaway!  08/08/2009 
Hi Cathy-
You've been blogged! Check out my blog.......Hope you're having a fun week away........

Barbara Melotto  08/04/2009 
Love your new pattern! I can see I will have to buy her too! 

Laura Barnes  08/04/2009 
I just happened on to your site and love your work. I have ordered a pattern and can't wait to receive it. 

Roxana C  08/02/2009 
congrads patti i have a pair off the owal scissors they're great to cut small strings ect.I'll try the salad dressing picked green beans this weekend.Roxana 

sally m  08/02/2009 
congrads patti! cathy thanks for the recipe - always willing to try a new salad dressing especially this time of year with all the fresh produce available - take care 

Theresa Meloon  08/02/2009 
Thanks for the recipe Cathy the salad dressing sounds yummy... I'll have to try it. :) 

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