Gustav and Gert 08/13/2009

Good Morning!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit! I was under the weather and then got behind on my orders!
Here is a couple of Special Orders that I made recently~
First we have Sir Gustav Hemlock~ He stands 4' tall and his bat balloons are over 5' tall!
Next we have Ghoulish Gert...A Grim Girl Indeed!  Gert is 24" tall and she is made with new and vintage textiles.
I'm thinking about making Gert into a pattern~ what do you think?
I am off to the workshop to make a hoot owl in an antique clock case...what fun!
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Have a great day!

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These are wonderful! I want an outfit just like Gert's!
Chat with you soon.........

Doreen Frost  08/15/2009 
I love them both Cathy. Gustav is so impressive with his size..and I love Gert..a pattern would be wonderful. Can not wait to see your owl inside the antique clock case :) 

Laura Barnes  08/14/2009 
Your work is fantastic. 

Theresa Meloon  08/14/2009 
I really like them Cathy... I think you did a fantastic job and yes a pattern would be wonderful.  

Susan @ Miss Maddie's  08/13/2009 
They are fantastic. I adore Gert's skirt and jacket. You may have been under the weather Cathy but it didn't effect your creative imagination! 

Roxana C  08/13/2009 
Cathy Gert is great would be a wonderfull pattern you put Halloween 

Nancy M  08/13/2009 
Gustav and Gert are wonderful. I guess that you are in the Halloween mode. Love ya nancy 

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