Do You Still Play with Dolls? 08/18/2009

My Version of Barbie and Ken....
Have I morphed into a weirdo or what!!

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Cathy Pendleton~The Cheswick Co.  08/23/2009 
Haha...what great comments!! I guess creative minds think alike!! 

Barbara Melotto  08/22/2009 
What a delightfully goulish couple! All they need is the Barbie convertable to take them about town!!  

Theresa Meloon  08/20/2009 
I really like your Ken and Barbie much better. I would have played with my dolls more if they looked like these two. :) 

Doreen Frost  08/20/2009 
Gosh are not a just have a fantastic imagination. :) 

Roxana C  08/19/2009 
Barbie allways gets to have fun,how do you come up with all your ideas? 

Lori Ann  08/19/2009 
Oh my . . I thought I was looking in the mirror this morning! They are fantastic!! 

sally  08/18/2009 
no, not at all - these are the better then the originals!

Heidi Steiner  08/18/2009 
Love them! Barbie always had the best clothes!!!

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