And the Winner is....... 09/02/2009

The winner of 9 Fabulous Yards of Ribbon is.....
Janie Parsons!!!
YaY!!! Hooray!!!
Janie...I will send you an email sortly in case you don't come back to the blog right away.
Angie Kuether from  ~Love The Prim Look~
made my patterns into PDF files for me! This way I can email a pattern to anyone!
No more waiting for the mail...get it Instantly...Part of my 21st century Friendly Service!
All E-Patterns will cost $6.95 and, of course, shipping is FREE
Look for them in my Ebay Store OR just email me at
Hope You All Have a BEWITCHING Day!

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Cathy~ the Cheswick Co.  09/08/2009 
Hi Gina...I did not realize that I can't sell e patterns on ebay until a friend just told me....I am in the process of setting up an etsy shop to sell them and they will be available on my website. If you would like to purchase...please email me at Many Thanks 

Gina Cooper  09/05/2009 
Your patterns are glad you are offering them in e-patterns now..:) I am in love with the primitive halloween pumpkin doll with mouse..where can I get her as an e-pattern..they are $6.95 right?
I love your new site and I love the patterns you are doing for indigo junction..I am purchasing your sweatshirt one (the halloween one with the vest) they are best friend and I will have so much fun doing these..;) 

Barbara Melotto  09/04/2009 
Wow! What a great way to get patterns. I am very impressed.I guess I will have to check it out! 

Roxana C  09/02/2009 
Yeah instant patterns a very good thing cathy. 

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