E-Patterns 09/11/2009

Good Morning!
Well I know, in my last posting, I told everyone that my E-Patterns would be available in my ebay store....However...I did not realize that Ebay no longer permits the sale of E-Patterns!
Why...you might ask? I have no Clue!! So I have loaded a page in my Patterns and Supplies where they will be for sale. I think I am going to open an Etsy shop for these patterns as well. 
Live and Learn....well at least a very kind friend informed me of the Ebay rules before they pulled all of my listings!
I am also Offering a few Trick-or-Treaters in the Gallery ~ you can see more pictures there....these pieces are sold individually or in a set.
Email me directly for purchasing ~ cathy@cheswickcompany.com
Have a Great Day!

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Barbara Melotto  09/18/2009 
I am at the door with the treats for these wonderful tricksters. I hope they will be in psttern form soon. 

Theresa Meloon  09/14/2009 
Cathy are you going to do the Primitive folk art doll for Somerset studio??? I haven't asked in awhile and was wondering if you were still going to send in an entry. I know I'm nosy. :) 

Nancy M  09/12/2009 
Love them all Cath, but I can only fit 2 more in my display of your work. Love ya Nancy 

Roxana   09/11/2009 
Cathy these guy's are geat.I love the guy with the wings.  

Theresa Meloon  09/11/2009 
I love the skeleton guy Cathy...he's fantastic...actually all the piece are wonderful. :) As far as Ebay...they're just a pain in ones side. I'm starting to shop more through Etsy because I can just pay for what I want and not auction on it and the listing fees are a lot cheaper. This is just the truth of the matter... I do still buy stuff from Ebay...just not as much and selling gives me a headache. 

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