Halloween Update 10/15/2009

Good Morning!
Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner???!!! Where has the year gone!
Although...this is my very Favorite time of the year....yours too?
I will be adding some finished Halloween pieces to the Gallery 
Monday Evening  
October 19th ~ 8pm (est)
This will be the last opportunity to purchase Halloween pieces (aside from custom orders) in 2009.
I had originally pland to attend the York Folk Art Festival in York Pa. this Fall, but feel that I better concentrate on the custom orders I have in house...as well as getting ready to dress the Folk Art Museum window for Christmas
Hope you all have a Great Day!

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Theresa Meloon  10/18/2009 
Cathy everything looks wonderful...and I'm sad to hear you wont make the York show. You'll be greatly missed.  

conni lashley  10/17/2009 
I have missed seeing your wonderful creations! So glad to see you back! I used to be involved with When Pigs Fly in Mt. Dora. Fl. Hate to say that ended badly, but of all the things I regret, I regret not getting a Cheswick piece. You made us some wonderful bunnies and angels, and I am looking forward to being able to have one of my own! 

Doreen Frost  10/16/2009 
These are fantastic Cathy....just love your style..so unique!

Have a wonderful day, Doreen 

www.steinerbears.blogspot.com  10/15/2009 
Hey girlfriend-
I'm missing you! I had a wonderfully fun few days with you. I'll look forward to seeing more of your spooktacular creations. The pieces you did for last weekend were beyond amazing, I can only imagine what you're conjuring up now.
Chat soon-

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