Doll Challenge Entry 11/12/2009

Hi All!
Oh this blogging is getting away from me~ I apologize!
I entered a doll challenge for a New Magazine   Prims: The Art of Primitive Elegance~
Here's what I made...Wish me Luck!
Have a Great Day!!

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Nancy M  11/21/2009 
That's a GREAT Mom for you Cath. 

Mom  11/20/2009 
I had the most wonderful experience with you yesterday watching you do your showcase window at the museum. Of course you know what a treasure you are to us but I love to see the way others feel about you and your feeling for beauty. I love you. Mom


Barbara Melotto  11/16/2009 
When will the window at the Folk Art Museum be done? I am going to NY on Dec 12 and want to be sure to see it. 

Linda Hannemann  11/16/2009 
Simply Beautiful! How do we get the magazine? Can we vote? Also wondered if you are doing a pattern for your wonderful Christmas ornaments?

Cathy~The Cheswick Company  11/14/2009 
Many Thanks Girls! We'll See!! 

Barbara Melotto  11/13/2009 
She sure looks like a winner to me!  

Nancy M  11/12/2009 
Good luck Cath. She is a WINNER. 

Roxana C  11/12/2009 
Cathy she's wonderfull how do you get the hair to look so good? 

Theresa Meloon  11/12/2009 
OMG!!!! Cathy she is divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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