Everything's coming up Piggies! 03/31/2010

Hello there!
Thought I'd share a few new things with you
First...We have Mabel and Gertie~ they are a New pattern that I'm in the midst of writing. Mabel is the Mama piggie and up top is the little piglet Gertie
I offer instructions on "Spotting" the pigs as well :)
And coming soon....Pink Pig Thread winders....don't they just add a bit of whimsy and humor! all the while, keeping sure your threads stay detangled~
Can you tell I have a bit of a thing for these creatures ??!!
If I had my way, I'd add a teacup pig to the menagerie here!! haha...But  Look...How cute are they!
Have a great day!
The sun is supposed to shine on us today :) Good thing...we need to dry out! 8" of rain is ALOT of rain!
Oh...and by the way...I'm going to make Lily duckling into a kit...just waiting on the mohair~
My best,

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Theresa Meloon  04/04/2010 
Thanks Cathy....we think he's pretty sweet. :0) Also save me a Halloween piggy kit....just let me know when I need to send you $$$ for it. :0) Maybe you can send the Hattie pattern with it if the keys you ordered came in. This way it will save on shipping. :0) 

Cathy~ The Cheswick Co  04/02/2010 
Hi Theresa...I did sell those "Halloween Pigs" I have an order of Mohair coming...so these and the duckling will be kits as well...btw~ your babe is Beautiful!!! 

Theresa Meloon  04/01/2010 
Cathy...I love this pattern...will you offer it in a kit? If so I loved the spotted black pigs (Halloween themed) you had at the York show. I take it those sold??? 

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