OH BOY!!!! 04/14/2010

Good Morning!
First, I will still add names to the drawing until Sunday for the 3 free E-Patterns. Thank you SO much for reading my Blog posting on "Precycle" and Re-using. I was delighted at how many people are taking care to recycle and re-purpose things. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I hope you all enjoyed Amy and Adam's website.
Second,   Well....this is rather Exciting...I have become a member of the artist colony "EHAG EMPORIUM"!
This is a VERY FINE group of VERY TALENTED Halloween artists. Each Month that has 31 days, on the last day...I believe...Artists post a Special and Unique Halloween piece for sale on this blog  
Another Challenge that the group has coming up is Black and White Fright!
The artists will create Special Halloween pieces in a black and white theme.
These pieces will be posted to EBAY and sometimes, the Artists own website.
If you would like to search for these Unique, Ecclectic pieces on Ebay...just type EHAG in the search bar and the postings will come up...Remember* That's happening the first week of May...we have a little time yet, but I am excited and want to tell you all!
I am going to participate in both of these challenges. You can find snippets of what I am creating right here on my blog in the next couple of weeks.
But...Today...I must finish a One-of-a-Kind Gardening Bunny! I will post pictures when I'm done with him :)
Have a Great Day!

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Barbara Melotto  04/19/2010 
Since my birthday is the day before Halloween, of course it is a favorite of mine. My sister always told me I was a witch, so I guess I should live up to the name!! Love your Halloween goodies! 

Patricia Busch  04/17/2010 
I am so excited Halloween is my favorite Holiday and my house always attests to it come Fall 

Anne Heck  04/15/2010 
I love Halloween and your designs are already perfect for adaptation. Good luck on the new endeavor. 

Theresa Meloon  04/15/2010 
I can't wait to see what you create...you know I love Halloween. :0) 

Lois Montgomery  04/14/2010 
Congratulations on being part of the EHAG Emporioum. I enjoy your creations. 

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