We're off to Collins Gifts 03/19/2009

Ok, Everyone in the box...We're off to see Wendy at Collins Gifts~
If you are not familiar with Collins Gifts, then you are in for a TREAT! Wendy provides us with an amazing collection of Worldwide Folk Art, Dolls and Bears. Not only does she have a Wonderous shop in New Hampshire, but Also a jam packed website, filled with goodies to feed the soul. Please take a look~
So this is my Addition to the Spring mix~

First we have "Thaddeus Winthrop Hare"
I am so Excited about Thaddeus! He is my first Free Standing piece. I have been wanting to make him for a while now...but had to whirl it around in my head....
So, I weighted his boots and constructed his body at just the right angle, so that he would stand securely with no need for a base. His walking stick is just decorative. I wanted to give him a lantern, but couldn't find one that I liked...so I made one that would be folky and whimsical...I even dipped the candle! And, of course, Thaddeus is in Vintage attire.
Next we have "Bunny Love"
I just LOVE making rabbits....I think they are my favorite. You can add so much whimsy. Bunny Love is made from sparse mohair that I dyed a warm chocolate. I gave him skinny arms and legs and even...curled toes! He sits atop a tuffted made from an antique coverlet.
And Finally, "Sweet Isabella"
Isabella resides in an Antique Victorian Wedding Day shoe. She is dressed in antique clothing and carries a tiny antique crocheted acorn from the Edwardian Era. Of course, Isabella wouldn't be mine if there wasn't a little whimsy. Her head is sparse mohair, but her arms and legs are finely wrapped wire...poseable and skinny sweet!
These three pieces are all One-of-a-Kinds, so if you are interested, Please contact Wendy at
603-969-1699  or you can contact her through her website www.collinsgifts.com
Hope you have a Great Day!

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Joanne  03/28/2009 
Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to personally thank you for the absolutely adorable 4" 'Rabbit in a Pot' which I purchased through Wendy at Collins Gifts. I chose the one with the carrot and he is now gracing our kitchen window sill, making me smile every time I glance up at him (which is A LOT!). After purchasing a few of your wonderful patterns, I'm thrilled to now own a piece actually made by your very talented heart and hands. The attention to detail is delightful and your work is exquisite.
Wendy a 

Wendy  03/19/2009 
Your box arrived today and I just love it all and I know my customers are going to be just thrilled!
Thank you so much :> 

Susan @ Miss Maddie's  03/19/2009 
That darling Isabella has surely danced her way into my heart. She is just soooo sweet.

Theresa Meloon  03/19/2009 
They're all fabulous Cathy!!! Wendy's so lucky to be getting this box of goodies for her shop. Thaddeus is just the bee's knees. :)

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