Brimfield and the Aftermath! 05/18/2010

Well...I got to Brimfield last week! Yippee!!!
I met up with my good friends Heidi and Wendy and had a 36 hour marathon of shopping!
That was more than my wallet could take! Haha~ Here are some of my Goodies :)
I worked right up until I left to coming back to the workshop was No treat...Take a Look!
Hilarious...I Know...I couldn't even find my Scissors!!!
But Now it's better...After an ENTIRE day of cleaning!
I did manage to get my New pattern finished though! "Come Fly with Me" is now available...and soon will be an EPattern too~
Have a Great Day!

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Wendy~Collins Gifts  05/23/2010 
In my spare time I am working on our next Brimfield shopping schedule..planning more delicious Hors d'oeuvres and I think we might need 2 carts.  

Cathy~ The Cheswick Company  05/19/2010 
Heidi...I miss you too!! LOTS!!
Lori Ann...I must confess, we did have F-U-N fun! I see your doing your studio's it coming?
Barbara...That was 10 hours of cleaning and organizing (I hate to admit that! LOL)
Hope all is well with Everyone! 

Barbara Melotto  05/19/2010 
I love that your sewing room gets looking like mine. The messy scene that is! I don't think I could get it as neat as you did even if I tried. 

Lori Ann  05/18/2010 
I am so envious of you girls ! I'm sure after you 3 were at Brimfield that there i no more "good stuff" in the world! tee hee! Love the studio shot Cathy!
Lori Ann 

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