Valdimor Hargrave 05/31/2010

Here he is....
"Valdimor Hargrave"
My One-of-a-Kind Halloween piece for the EHAG Emporium
Valdimor is wearing an antique doll tuxedo jacket and hat...and I made him a pair of pinstripe trousers from some antique fabric that I purchased recently.
He carries a tattered and torn silk umbrella with a beautifully carved handle and finial and I have perched him on this old stump.
Valdimor's head and body are made from felted wool and he has a hand stitched and apliqued face with glass bead eyes.
His bow tie is fashioned from a piece of black silk ribbon and an antique doll buckle.
I made Valdimor some SPOOKY long, twisty, pointed shoes from sculpey clay.
And I made him a tiny woolen owl in a paper mache basket to carry.
This is the back detail of Valdimor's Jacket!
This piece is 26" tall and will come to you signed and dated. His purchase price is $235 not including shipping.
Please email to purchase~ Please email me from your email...not microsoft outlook, as I do not receive all of those emails for some reason.
Many thanks!

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Theresa Meloon  06/03/2010 
He's fantastic!!!! 

Jackie Carney  05/31/2010 

Sorry that I missed Valdimor, but I truly want one of the
Alice in wonderland pieces......
Jackie Carney 

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