Mother Goose Kit

This is a listing for the kit to make Mother Goose ~ 5”tall
Children’s Storybook Ornament Collection
9”x 11” piece cream ultra sparse mohair
4”x 9” piece straw 20% wool woolfelt
3”x 6” piece camel tan 35% wool woolfelt
1” x 3” piece white 20% wool woolfelt
6”x 8” piece cotton calico for cape
18” gold silk ribbon- 1.25” wide
Paper flower for hat brim
2 olive impressed satin leaves
2- 3mm black round beads
Also Needed:
4” length 22 gauge rusty wire
15” length 20 gauge wire
2 - 3” lengths white chenille stems
White floral tape
Terra-cotta acrylic paint
Tan upholstery thread
Off-white quilting thread
Tacky glue and hot glue
Cosmetic blush and a q-tip
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