Merry Christmas to All Stocking KIT

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Merry Christmas to All Stocking KIT
Stocking is 18" long
Eleventh in a series of 12 stockings

This makes a very useable, heirloom stocking that holds lots of treats! This listing is for the kit to make this stocking
This kit includes:
5/8 yard Black woolfelt - 36” wide
5” x36” Fresh Linen woolfelt- 36” wide
5” x 12 Rustic Crimson red woolfelt
6” x 9” Peat Moss woolfelt
4” x 4” Toffee grey woolfelt
2” x 6” Chestnut Brown woolfelt
3” x 3” Wheat Fields woolfelt
3” x 3” Reet’s Relish green woolfelt
2” x 3” Straw woolfelt
2” x 2” Camel tan woolfelt
2” x 2” Cinnamon woolfelt
1” x 2” Storm Clouds blue woolfelt
6 - 3mm black round beads
10mm antique brass bell

Also Needed:
Pale Grey and Red pearl cotton
Green, mustard and pale pink embroidery floss
Tan, brown and black upholstery threads
Off white, brown and black quilting thread
Cosmetic blush and q-tip

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