I had this idea...take old relics, old textiles and old "anything visually inspiring" and, from it, create something completely new and even MORE visually inspiring. I thought to myself...there must be people that would like this~right?! From that idea, I decided to create a company...a forum to offer these unique pieces to people who would enjoy them. My company began in 1992, and ever since that moment, I have been putting that one original idea to good use.
     My work has offered me the luxury of plucking an idea from my head and translating it into an Original piece of Folk Art or a Pattern for others to create. How Lucky am I ~
     I work from a studio in my home...it's a short commute! I completely enjoy my life there with my husband, Ron and my son, Rudy...Oh, don't forget the dogs..Cricket and Georgia~and anyone else who may come to visit!
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