It's a Martha Contest!! 08/07/2012

So, Here I go....out on the limb!'s a Martha Contest! The woman who inspired me to have my own pattern and kit business
is now honoring ten small American made businesses
This is my entry.... Nine photos that represent my work

     My love for creating actually started by peddling my wares in a basket to local shops and my love for the holidays slowly turned into a small sideline.

  After becoming a single parent, the owners of these small shops encouraged me to broaden my horizons and exhibit at the Heritage Market American Folk Art Trade Show. I wanted my 3 year old son to be able to stay home with me, so I went out on this limb and never looked back!

  I sold my holiday creations to shops and galleries across the country from 1993-2009, meeting the most wonderful people along the way.

  In 2009, I decided to put all of my efforts into the pattern and kit world. I had a website created and opened an Etsy shop the following year. My new philosophy would be to create holiday kits and patterns using wonderful materials and designs that would tug at the heart-strings.

  My business is continually evolving~ I am constantly on the search for new fabrics, supplies and antique finds. When my customers purchase a kit or pattern from me, I want them to have the feeling that they are creating an heirloom…that generations to come will consider it a treasure.

  My hopes for the future of my business are to continually expand my retail customer base, to offer my customers more wonderful fabrics, supplies and techniques and to expand into teaching workshops and develop a wholesale customer base. It is truly a blessing to do what you love!

Wish me Luck!! I'll let you know if a "good thing" happens :)
Have a creative day~

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Jayne Mcleod   02/18/2017 
YOU do such wonderful work! 

jenny bon  01/27/2017 
just made Jeremy Fisher and am in love with him. Your kits are fabulous. 

Roxana Chaplin  12/28/2016 
Hi,Cathy i just order the Dormouse pattern,after a long period ready to craf again looking to gettting more of ur one's are wonderfull 

Hanni Borgens  02/29/2016 
I wish you much luck! I have always loved your creations and have many of your patterns and kits. All the best! 

leslie johnson  12/05/2015 
I am originally from Mass., now a Wyo. resident -- love primitives . 

Pegi Convry  11/23/2015 
I love your creativity!! Beautiful and inspiring!!!!! 

Judy Morrissey   11/15/2015 
Already have lots of your patterns. Love them. The Best of Luck!  

Judy  01/01/2015 
Love all of your work.... 

Willow  11/11/2014 
Good Luck and I absolutely have always loved your creations.  

Kathy Fairchild  07/23/2014 
I have always loved your creations, good luck 

Joyce Mayer  07/17/2014 
My wonderful friend in MI introduced me to your work and I have been hooked ever since. I am thrilled that you sell crafting supplies and small pieces of mohair, and willing to cut yardage for special orders. Thank you.

You are already a winner. I wish you the very best in the MS award. 

Vickie Pearson  05/30/2014 
I discovered your wonderful patterns via Etsy and the moment I spotted the charming characters, I knew this was something extra special. I was in love with the little faces and there were so many that I had a hard time choosing several. When I finished the first one in time for Christmas, I was already a huge fan. Your work graces my home now and I feel like the love you give to your products shines through when I see one of the finished pieces on a shelf or on the tree. Thank you so much. 

Susan Richards  05/02/2014 
Your work is inspiring!! Ever since I found you I always have one of your projects being worked on in my studio. I just love all of your pieces. Please keep designing. They are truly masterpieces. -Susan 

Judy  04/14/2014 
Love your dolls.... 

Barbara Burkard  03/23/2014 
beautiful!!!! much much luck!!! 

Cynthia Bell  12/30/2013 
Cathy, I just discovered you on Ebay looking for German stick sheep when I saw your sheep pattern. Bought one. Then I saw all of your other sweet patterns. You are most talented. I wish you much success and I will be ordering again now that I found your website. God's best blessings, Cynthia 

Carol Stuck  12/25/2013 
I love your creations. They are whimsical masterpieces! I look forward to seeing your new works of art for 2014. Merry Christmas! 

Carole Damske  07/22/2013 
You work is just so wonderful, it makes me smile when I look at all your creations. Sebastion Brimstone is so cool. I have made many of your Halloween patterns to decorate my house. I think I first found you in a magazine and was very impressed with your designs and when I found out that I could make some of them with a pattern I had to order some kits. Thank you for sharing your craft with us all.  

Edith Demshar  07/15/2013 
Cathy....I am so impressed with your art and with your passion! You are a wonderful inspiration to us all who enjoy creating things that bring joy to others! Continued success in all you do! 

Carol  06/13/2013 
I wish you the best and with your determination you can go as far as you want! 

Debra Schoc  06/04/2013 
Always brings a smile when I look at your work..and enjoy using your got my vote for a very productive and creative folk artist! 

Julie  05/10/2013 
Wonderful entries, Mick! Unk any I are proud of you...such a creative niece you are. 

NETTIE  03/21/2013 
Any new epatterns soon...Jeremy Fisher would be great. 

Cindy Leaf  02/03/2013 
I am a huge fan, have almost all your patterns and I know you will be chosen, your dolls are characters, not just a doll and all the small details you add makes it the best. I will cross my fingers, but I have full confidence in your talant!!! 

netty  12/07/2012 
Cathy, are new epatterns coming out soon...mother goose, the poky puppy the panda and the frenchee would be wonderful. keeping my fingers crossed. 

Pendra  11/30/2012 
Good luck, your work is totally amazing! 

Barbara  11/06/2012 
You got my vote! So creative! 

Susan  10/20/2012 
Just ordered Alice in Wonderland kits.
Love these unique creations! Good luck!

Helen  10/16/2012 
Your work always deserves an award! 

Tudy Hoffman  10/15/2012 
As an artist myself, I love seeing great works from others. You have a grand entry and would not surprise me to see you as winning artist for this contest. 'Love your work!!! 

Sheila Jones  10/10/2012 
The best of luck to you Cathy. I have purchased your patterns and kits and love working with them I want to see MORE and MORE!!! 

Ami (michael's sister)  10/10/2012 
Cathy - I just am amazed by your incredible handwork! I admire your creativity and wish you all the best -nobody, not even Martha, can deny your incredible talents! Good Luck!! 

Linda Hannemann  10/05/2012 
Wishing you the Best of Luck!
You are an inspiration to many and I hope you win!  

juie  09/24/2012 
As usual, your work is beautiful and soooo creative. Hope all is going well.
Love, juie and unkie 

Toni Swan  09/14/2012 
hi - i bought a pattern from you and absolutely LOVE IT - i've made one, and can't wait to make another. I too am a single mom and love creating to supplement my income. Thank you for your gorgeous creations. I love your imagination and your use of colour - can't wait to see what's next  

Kirsti  09/14/2012 
Crossing my fingers! Your designs are gorgeous! 

charlene clifton  08/30/2012 
know that each of your creations are God inspired and of course with your talents. each of your pieces are making people happy and joyful all over the world. thanks for creating them. blessings, charlene 

carolyn  08/18/2012 
I love your designs especially all the details you add to each one. Good luck hope you win 

Jaimy  08/15/2012 
All the luck in the world! Your kits arE amazing to make! 

Theresa  08/14/2012 
Way to go Cathy....You can do it!!!! :0) 

karen r  08/12/2012 
you go girl 

Lisa  08/09/2012 
I love your items and the quality of your kits...I hope you are a finalist! Good luck! 

Sandra Cook  08/09/2012 
Good Luck, Cathy! You're entry looks amazing! 

Cathy~ The Cheswick Company  08/09/2012 
Thank you so much Donna! so kind of you 

Donna  08/08/2012 
Cathy, with your "trunk of wares" (as shown above), I can only say I would be shocked if you DIDN'T get are a great and wonderful artist. 

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